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About Jazlash Inc.

Jazlash Inc. is an eyelash extensions supplier business based in Las Vegas. The owner of the business is

Jasmine Nakea and she is a professional eyelash extension artist who also provides eyelash extension trainings

to beginner lash artists.

Social Media Results

For the period Aug 2020 – Mar 2021 we generated:

  • 3207 New Facebook Group Members

  • 1806 Organic Instagram Followers

  • 51.8% Increase in Impressions

  • 53.1% Increase in Profile Visits

  • 256.8% Increase in Website Visits

  • 123% Increase in Content Interactions

  • 109.4% Increase in Accounts Reached

How did we do it? Keep scrolling to learn more

about the changes we implemented!

1. Improved Grid Arrangement

We helped in strengthening the branding of Jazlash Inc. and advised Jasmine on the type of photography she needs to work on in order to create a grid arrangement which would be pleasant for the eye, neat and will reflect on the brand's voice and philosophy. 





2. Advanced Hashtags Research

Hashtags are extremely important for maximizing the organic reach of your posts and they help your account to get discovered easier. When using hashtags, you should make sure they are as relevant as the post you are uploading, therefore we make sure to invest our time to perform an advanced research.

For @_jazlash our team conducted a research and collected more than 200 hashtags. We then selected a group of hashtags relevant to each individual post.





3. Improved Post Descriptions

Converting text to sales is truly a piece of art. You content needs to be authentic, engaging and effective. You need to hook the audience with a story, some humor, some fascinating fact, etc. Something has to pull their attention in a way that they are encouraged to engage. 

Our team has created several post campaigns for @_jazlash. We made sure to have an equal number of informative, promotional and inspirational content. We included attention grabbers and action calls to each post.





4. Development & Management of Ad Campaigns

Our team also helped Jasmine establish a monthly budget for paid advertisement. We were in charge of  developing, implementing and monitoring all ad campaigns and allocating the monthly budget among according to the objectives. 

Here is an example of an actual ad we run for @_jazlash. To gain a better understanding, the goal of the ad was - Brand Awareness and the total amount spent was $14 over the course of 2 days.



Above, we displayed just a few examples of what changes we have made and the actions we have taken to improve

Jazlash Inc.'s social media presence. As a last piece of information we will share actual screenshots of the Insights section of @_jazlash. 

Here's the Reach Analytics for the period Jan. 17 - Feb. 15.


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