• Marin Kutrolli

During the past few years, a new trend has taken the freelance world by storm: Social Media Management. Not a single day goes by without an Instagram ad, a pop-up or a personalised email trying to sell you a social media management plan. Online marketplaces such as Fiverr or Freelancer.com are contributing to the hype - it takes literally a few minutes to set up a profile and start selling your services on Fiverr. If you are young and ambitious, with a few hours of spare time every day and with a desire to earn something extra, these platforms are the perfect choice.

The best part: you could sell anything, education or background hardly matter (at least in the early stages) and you could get real clients if you set-up your gig right and do good on your promise to deliver quality work. Demand is far from short and the pandemic has only increased the business’ need for online exposure.

“The competition is fierce on the lower levels but as you progress and gain more experience you are able to earn more and create a whole new market for yourself"

It is no surprise that among hundreds of categories, Social Media related services come up on top, after all, most of us spend hours on Facebook or Instagram everyday so why not try to monetize this time?

This ever-growing demand for Social Media marketing services almost guarantees that if a young seller starts with the right mindset he or she will attract prospective clients sooner than later. The best part is that what used to be one time projects based on creating posts or scheduling, now has turned into a lucrative industry with long-term contracts, digital agencies and specialised freelancers offering marketing strategies, professional posts, videos and well-researched content which altogether drive visits and leads to their patrons’ social media accounts.

Growing with the Market

When Fiverr was just claiming the spotlight, many of the early customers were drawn to the fact that they could hire freelancers for as low as $5 per project (thus the name Fiver-r). Naturally, these could only be small projects - posts creation for Facebook, photo editing services, data entry etc. - for which Fiverr wanted the sellers to be as precise as possible with the gig description. The low prices and the quick, straightforward way of transactions kind of forced the majority of the earlier sellers to offer only limited services. However, this is no longer the case.

“I will manage your social media account” - it simply doesn’t sound attractive enough anymore.

As the demand for broader, specialised freelance work increased, so did the supply of quality freelance services which would bring about a wider range of complementary services. While Fiverr and other platforms will still require you to describe your gig shortly, the limit to what you can include in your service offerings has faded away. Freelancers are earning significantly more for specialised services, and this can’t be more true for Social Media Management.

But how do you introduce specialised service packages which buyers can recognise and appreciate? Well, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about what you want to offer by keeping these three ideas in mind:

  • Business owners want to see actual results, not ideas and tips that MIGHT work on Instagram/Facebook.

  • They will hire a professional (YOU) mainly for two reasons:

  1. They generally believe you can do a better job than them and that the fee you charge will be lower than the revenue you will help them generate.

  2. Because their time is more valuable when spent on business decisions or other business related tasks (management, finance etc.) and thus it is cheaper for these business owners to outsource this part of their business activity.

  • Even when they are sure about what they want, most of your clients will appreciate your expertise and guidance on marketing related matters.

Generally speaking, one does not become a professional at a certain craft as soon as he or she starts making money out of it. To talk about a professional career means to account for experience and specialisation first and foremost - money is simply the reward for these attributes. In the context of Social Media Management, then, your path to a professional career only starts with your first gig.