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Social Media Management

Account audit + 1 hour call with a team leader, 
setting up the plan and expectations - - Off to a GREAT START
"Social media is like the game of chess,
you need to utilize all pieces to win"
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Second step

We do the WORK:
  • Account optimization.
  • Original posts creation unique, research-based texts and design
  • Schedule
  • Keywords and hashtags
  • High-yield strategy implementation
We handle all your Ad creation & Management:
  • Set-up audiences
  • Market research
  • Budget optimization
  • Ad management, copywriting & design
  • Interpreting results and making recommendations
30 day-management
Organic growth only

Third step

We finish strong!

  • As the project is concluded, we present a clear overview of what has been achieved.
  • We make recommendations on results and analyze the work.
  • Consult with the client on next-steps, sales and marketing strategies, branding etc.
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Things we take seriously!

We maintain a clear and open communication with our clients throughout the duration of the project. Each individual customer is assigned an experienced project manager who is familiar with the specific industry in which the client operates.
"Integrity and transparency is what MOVE 21 is all about.
We put our name, reputation and faces behind what we do!"
We want to build trust and meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers that is why open and honest communication is so important to us. Almost EVERYBODY ELSE will provide you with generic, low-quality, one-size fits all post content — WE DON’T DO THAT HERE!
We take copywriting very seriously and everything we produce is 100% original, unique & researched content created only for you.
Get in touch with us and we will gladly show you all about the way we work. How do we know our content is good?
1. It converts to leads, profile visits, website visits, engagement and finally sales.
2. Great reach, increase by 2.5x on your average post.
3. Organic Growth of your Account even with 0$ spent on Ads.
Celebrities share IT!
Did you know that celebrities like Mark Cuban have shared our posts on their account?
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Still have questions?
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First step