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Social Media Training

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Package 1
From 0 to Social Media Hero:
A collection of 5 classes which will take you from the absolute (or relative) beginnings to feeling ready to take your first project as a Social Media Manager!
In the process, you will learn:
-       All about Facebook, Instagram as marketing tools
-       Basics of Copywriting and Design
-       Complementary Tools and Services you will use on your path to Social Media Stardom.
-       Tips & Tricks to make your work easier
-       Strategies and steps for success
Have you heard about Fiverr?
Opportunity to start earning (many social media managers started from there)
One of your trainers was so successful on Fiverr that she was making about $2500 every month, while still studying!
What does that mean?
Towards your 4th or 5th class, you will be assigned a real-life project on which you will get to work on! Your trainer will introduce you with the mechanics and requirements of this project, and you will work on a particular component of this delivery, receiving real-time feedback and guidance.
You could see your posts or your writing posted on the client’s IG page!
Proudly display this capstone project as your first Social Media work of your portfolio!
The Subtle Art of Ad Campaign Management
A 3-class course aimed at those who are familiar with Facebook and Instagram business capabilities and are looking at becoming skilled campaign managers.
This class takes you from the basics of Business Suite and Ads Manager to successfully creating and managing your first professional ad campaign.