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Disclaimer! You can read everything, we go in details or we can simply hoop on a call!

Social Media Consulting

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Who needs it?

You have done a Fantastic Job managing your business's online presence so far, yet, you feel that you could do better.


"You just can’t point to that specific strategy that would give you more leads, interaction and growth for your business."


When we decided we should offer consulting sessions for Social Media Marketing, we had people like you in mind -- hard-working, visionary and detail oriented individuals who understand digital media well and can afford a couple of hours daily on Instagram and Facebook.


What do you get?

Before every session:


You send us a filled form, specifying the topics you are interested in discussing as well as the related information about your business.

We use this information to understand your needs and tailor the session accordingly.

In our work, we value integrity and confidentiality, so we offer the option of an NDA for the session and all information provided.

After every session:


We will send you a recap of what was discussed, specifically pointing out and elaborating on the strategies/course of action.

We also provide additional recommendations and information which could be useful to you in the future.

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Standard Call: 1 hour

Extra free Q&A session, 15 minutes at the end. (total duration of call 1h 15min)

The hidden gems of 1-hour consultation


We share our insights and experience from hundreds of projects completed, years spent on Digital Marketing, and know-how from a diverse team of experts who understand your business!


You will get answers and recommendations which will directly help you become better -- better at managing marketing related tasks, better at thinking about business and sales, better at saving money.

"You become part of our network"


Think about those hundreds of businesses with whom we have worked and that extensive network of entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders we have conducted business with. We believe in connecting people, so you can expect to get introduced to people who run similar or complementary businesses to yours, experts who can help you with other aspects of your business, etc.


You will learn about tools, resources, and services that will make your life so much easier, and most importantly, you will get exposed to a whole different level of thinking about marketing! 

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